Our Facilities


- Our main headquarters sits on an area of 39,000 sq. meters, that is the size of Aprox. 6 ½ American football fields. Within our headquarters we have our weatherproof warehouse which is aprox. 25,000 sq. meters. Our size and inventory allows us to be the lumber warehouse for our clients so that they do not have to make that investment, IMDOMACA is your lumber warehouse!

- Monumental Ave esq. Old Highway Duarte, Los Angeles, Dominican Republic.


- IMDOMACA has a distribution center in Bavaro to fill the demand for wood in Bavaro, Punta Cana as well as the rest of the province of La Altagracia and the eastern region of the country. In the Approximate 4,000 sq. meters of warehousing you can find all of our lumber product varieties.

- Local 4-F, Caribbean Ships IIII Veron Crossing Road Km 1, Bavaro Dominican Republic


- IMDOMACA has built 8 computerized Kiln ovens to dry wood, made in Italy they have a simultaneous capacity of 300,000 board feet. This investment allows us to offer our lumber at a lower price than our competitors without sacrificing quality and integrity. Our investment in kiln drying ovens filled a significant gap that previously existed in the Dominican market.

• Treatment Plant:

- In 2005 we installed the wood treatment plant under the direct supervision of an American based company that develops this technology. Headquartered in Smyrna, Georgia, USA. The company is one of the largest manufacturers of pesticides to treat wood in the world. Our plant is 100% computerized and connected in real time with its technical center in Conley, Georgia. We are the market leaders in treated wood in the Dominican Republic, our treatment plants give us a competitive edge on price, quality, and service.

- In February 2008 we introduced a new treatment plant with novel chemical computerized Wolman L3. Said product is XXI century technology for the treatment of wood. It is totally organic, contains no metal and has the advantage of being completely transparent in order to be painted with any stain or varnish.

This new treatment system is a real novelty for decorators, architects and carpenters. Through this innovative treatment system pine and other wood species, not very resistant to biological agents, are now considered an excellent alternative to many high-priced durable exotic woods. Furthermore the Metal-free formula diminishes the probability of damaging wood milling machinery.

The increasing global shortage of expensive hardwoods has made them progressively expensive, availability is inconsistent and is becoming uncertain in a fierce global commodities market. We at IMDOMACA have acted proactively, making the L3 Wolman treatment system available to our customers so they have alternatives to turn towards.

Machinery and Mills:

- IMDOMACA relies on 6 European mills to produce all our commercial products. Our high performance machinery will guarantee that the pieces will fit in your final installation.

- The molders, along with our machinery to manufacture blades to trim gives us flexibility in the area of the wood moldings, These allow us to detail any specification from our customers.

 - Other products we make with our milling machinery are the hardwood floors, our customers select the kind of wood they want and we can custom mill flooring and decking for any given purpose. We also have the installation service of the floors and decks, we offer our customers all the wood flooring and decking solutions at IMDOMACA.

- Other machines such as brushes, augers, grinders for all types of woodworking blade, and band saw welders complement our efforts to be a center where our customers can find all solutions in wood products and services in one place.


About Us

Dominican Lumber Importer , CxA (IMDOMACA) was founded on September 20, 1968 and soon became one of the..

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