American Pine

American Pine:

IMDOMACA has over 40 years in the timber industry, and to ensure quality and consistency for our clients we work with what we consider to be the best all around genius of American pine species.

Known as one of the strongest and most versatile wood species, Southern Pine, also commonly called Southern Yellow Pine, is an ideal choice for construction professionals. The quality and availability of southern yellow pine is virtually unmatched.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of working with southern yellow pine;

• Competitive Price
Southern Yellow Pine is available in abundance meaning that is competitively priced.

• Incredibly strong and dense
Industry experts know that the density of southern yellow pine makes it the strongest of the structural softwood species. This means that its strength is ideal for load abundant binding capacity and retention.

• Natural Beauty:
Southern pine’s texture and golden color provides visual stimulation and a high quality finish.

Dimensional lumber like IMDOMACA’s Southern Yellow Pine is the perfect material for walls, floors, decks, beams, poles or other functions. Ideal for retaining walls, our dimensional lumber provides a solid resistance.

IMDOMACA is the leader in pressure-treated wood in the Dominican Republic, and when it comes to treated dimensional lumber, none provides a better and more efficient treatment than southern yellow pine, its pores enable a fast, efficient, deep penetration to treating agents.


We have all the dimensions and sizes of the following American pine products;

  • Rough Lumber
  • Treating (against xylophages)
  • Dry Treating (Kiln Dried)
  • Surfacing (1 or 2 sides)
  • Tongue and Groove
  • Log Cabin
  • Novalty Siding (Clavot)
  • Floors and Decks

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