American Red Oak (Red Oak):


The wood is pale reddish brown, heavy,  hard, strong, coarse-grained. You have to control the drying, but when it comes  to form can be successfully used for furniture. Also used in the construction  and housing interior finish.


The wood is classified as slightly durable  against fungi and termites.

Main Applications: 

Rustic furniture and fine interior. Joinery  and cladding hollow interior (doors, fences, flooring, parquet, friezes,  moldings, stairs), decorative plates, Blockboard.

Name American Red Oak
Common Names Boreal Red Oak
Scientific Name Quercus Rubra
Family Fagaceae
Origin North America
Color Pale reddish brown
Grain Coarse
Texture Texture straight
Brightness Low to medium brightness
Banned Satin
Smell Absent
Taste Absent
Avg. Density 1565 Ib/m3 = 710 Kg./m3
Durability Moderate
Drying Behavior Slow to very slow drying, Risk of collapse
Milling Behavior Moderatly Difficult
Similar Woods  

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