(Carapa; Royal Mahogany)

The Andiroba wood has a light reddish color, eventually andiroba takes a clear reddish to light brown color. Odor and taste are not distinctive or absent, and it has a medium to bright shine. Cross linked to wavy grain and medium texture, andiroba wood is easy to moderately difficult to work, it is more difficult to work and cut than mahogany.


The Andiroba wood when exposed to adverse conditions, is considered low resistance to attack by decay organisms. Under favorable conditions the Andiroba is considered moderately resistant to decay organisms.

Main Applications: 

Interior and exterior joinery, furniture, doors, flooring, woodwork, floors, cabinets, plywood.

Name Andiroba
Common Names Royal Mahogany / Carapa
Scientific Name Carapa Guianensis
Family Meliaceae
Origin Tropical / Amazon
Color Brown, red, gold
Grain Moderately Fine Grain, Interlocked to Wavy
Texture Medium Texture, Uniform
Brightness low
Banned Straight
Smell None distinctive
Taste None Distinctive
Avg. Density 1477 Ib/m3 = 670 Kg./m3
Durability Moderate
Drying Behavior Regular
Milling Behavior Moderatly Difficult
Similar Woods Mahogany, Jequitiba, Santa Maria

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