The Mahogany wood is rosy that eventually takes brown to reddish color. Its fiber is straight but sometimes slightly wavy grain and is medium to fine. This timber can manifest internal tensions. The mahogany wood is stable, easy sawing, polishing and varnishing, thus obtaining a perfect finish.


Very resistant to fungal and other decaying organisms, noble wood.

Main Applications: 

Furniture and joinery interior and exterior. Turned furniture, carved and curved. Coatings, moldings, baseboards, trims. Windows and doors. Decorative veneers and plywood.

Name Caoba
Common Names Mahogany, Genuine Mahogany
Scientific Name Swietenia Macrophylla
Family Meliaceae
Origin Tropical / South America
Color Red to Brown
Grain Grain Straight to interlocked
Texture Medium to fine texture
Brightness High
Banned Banned in tangical overlapping arcs
Smell None distinctive
Taste None Distinctive
Avg. Density 1232 Ib. / m3 = 560 Kg./m3
Durability High
Drying Behavior Excellent
Milling Behavior Excellent
Similar Woods Andiroba , Jequitiba, Santa Maria

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