Cedar Mara

(Tornillo, Cedro Arana)

Light wood, color is light brown to brown, coarse texture, pores are visible to naked eyes, flat to the touch, easy to work, receives a very attractive finish, is easy to saw, planing, nailing and screwing.


The Cedarwood Mara has good durability, is considered to have good wear resistance and moderate resistance to fungi and insects.

Main Applications: 

Mara's Cedar wood is used in carpentry, construction, furniture, doors, boxes, and floors.

Name Cedro Mara
Common Names Tornillo, Cedro Arana
Scientific Name Cedrelinga Catenaeformis
Family Mimosaceae
Origin Tropical / South America
Color Light brown to brown
Grain Interlocked
Texture Thick
Brightness Medium
Banned Not very distinctive
Smell Distinctive aroma
Taste Absent
Avg. Density 992 Ib/m3 = 450 Kg./m3
Durability High
Drying Behavior Very Good
Milling Behavior Moderatly Difficult
Similar Woods Roble Brasileño (Cerejeira)

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