Cerejeira (Brazilian Oak)

(Cerejeira, Ishpingo, Tauari)

Wood is moderately heavy, yellow beige to pink beige, very smooth, presents some darker veins, irregular surface, moderately shiny, and smooth to the touch, smell accented peculiar, pleasant, recalling vanilla.


Brazilian oak wood is moderately resistant to decay organisms, insects, fungi, etc...

Main Applications: 

Oak Wood from the Brazilian presents a very nice appearance and finish, making it suitable for luxury furniture, sculptures, internal finishing, ceiling, luxury doors, etc...

Name Brazilian Oak
Common Names Cerejeira, Roble Brasileño, Ishpingo
Scientific Name Amburana Cearensis
Family Fabaceae
Origin Tropical / South America
Color Yellow to Brown
Grain Interlocking
Texture Medium to thick
Brightness medium
Banned Overlapping arcs and bands
Smell Pleasant Aroma, somewhat like vanilla
Taste None Distinctive
Avg. Density 948 Ib/m3 = 430 Kg./m3
Durability Moderate to high
Drying Behavior Very good
Milling Behavior Excellent
Similar Woods Cedro Mara

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