The Cumaru wood is yellowish brown to a pale brown sapwood. Distinct growth rings, grain interlocked, medium to fine texture, shine and smell lack of distinctiveness.


Resistant to fungi, insects and marine borers. Railway sleepers lasted 10 to 22 years when used in very dry soils.

Main Applications: 

Uses in building exterior and interior, floors, decks, cut sheets, moldings, turnery, tool handles and other.

Name Cumaru
Common Names Ipe Champagne, Shihuahuaco, Brazilian Teak
Scientific Name Dipteryx
Family Fabaceae
Origin Tropical / South America
Color Yellow, Brown, and Red
Grain Interlocked
Texture Medium to fine
Brightness None Distinctive
Banned Overlapping arcs and bands
Smell None distinctive
Taste None Distinctive
Avg. Density 1,918 Ib/m3 = 870 Kg./m3
Durability Very High
Drying Behavior Good
Milling Behavior Difficult
Similar Woods IPE

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