Wood is very heavy and very hard to cut. This hardwood is dark brown to dark olive, fine to medium texture, uniform surface slightly glossy and fairly smooth to the touch. Does not float in water.


The IPE wood is resistant to decaying organisms, insects and fungi.

Main Applications: 

Tools and agricultural implementations, internal and external buildings, floors, decks, stair treads, etc.

Name Ipe
Common Names Tahauri, Lapacho, Tajibo
Scientific Name Tabebuia
Family Bignoniaceae
Origin Tropical / South America
Color Olive Brown to dark brown
Grain Straight
Texture Fine to medium
Brightness Slight gloss
Banned Not very distinctive
Smell None distinctive
Taste Absent
Avg. Density 2,028 Ib/m3 = 920 Kg./m3
Durability Very High
Drying Behavior Good
Milling Behavior Difficult
Similar Woods Cumaru (in utility and behavior)

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