(African Mahogany)

The Khaya wood is pale pink to reddish brown varying, medium texture, and has interlocked grain. Being easy to dry and stable African mahogany is characterized as manageable and easily acquires a good finish, but special care is required in the fourth cut surfaces.


It is moderately durable to attacks by decaying organisms, insects, fungi.

Main Applications: 

The Khaya wood is used for furniture, office desks, drawers and drawers structures and decorative veneers. It is also used in cabinetmaking, especially in doors, and accessory stores and banks.

Name Khaya
Common Names Caoba Africana, Acajou
Scientific Name Khaya Ivorensis
Family Meliaceae
Origin Africa
Color Brown Pink to light red that darkens with Light
Grain Interlocked but somtimes straight
Texture Fine
Brightness High
Banned Straight, often interlaced low to medium
Smell Absent
Taste Absent
Avg. Density 1,256 Ib/m3 = 570 Kg./m3
Durability Moderate
Drying Behavior Good
Milling Behavior Good
Similar Woods Andiroba, jequitiba, Caoba

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