(Aromatic Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar)

A very aromatic wood, compact, very soft, fine-grained reddish, prized for its durability and utility for cabinets, chests (for its pleasant smell) and carpentry in general. Its sponge-like action maintains soil moisture and provides a healthy growing environment


The Sabina wood is considered high resistance to attack by decay organisms, (any type of organism that feeds on living wood or dead wood).

Main Applications: 

It is particularly suitable for internal parts of fine furniture, decorative sheets, plywood, decorated packages, boxes moldings, linings for closets, ceilings, baseboards, Venetian, etc.

Name Sabina
Common Names Aromatic Cedar, Eastern Red Cedar
Scientific Name Juniperus virginiana
Family Cupressaceae
Origin North America
Color Yellow and red to brown
Grain Generally straight grain
Texture Medium Texture
Brightness Medium
Banned Tangical overlapping arcs
Smell Characteristic odor - pleasant and prolonged
Taste nice and sharp flavor
Avg. Density  420 kg/m3 926 Ib/m3
Durability High
Drying Behavior Excellent
Milling Behavior Excellent
Similar Woods Spanish Cedar in terms of utility

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